Vision of Trump

Vision of Trump

15 April 2020

During prayer the Spirit took into the vision of God & I was shown planned assassination of Trump. Then the Spirit said “ Pray for Donald Trump for His life is in danger. There are forces within that are planning to take his life. This thing is staged to take at the end of the first half of 2020. But they shall not succeed because I have my Angels protecting Him. Pray. Trump will not die but another will“ then I saw the death of well known leader of a nation. I knew he is well known because he fell before a crowd. “This event will take place & will cause a spiral in global politics & will force them to halt their plans against humans. ” I was taken to Iran & the Holy Spirit said “ You see this land, it shall become Iraq shortly” I asked the Lord what meant. He showed me a desert. Then I heard “it shall become desolate”. Is it war Lord? No, a plundering from a conflict…”

Second Vision

I laid before the Lord just setting my on Him. Then suddenly a vision appeared. I was kneeling before the throne of God & I saw his Feet???. He said “ What do you want” Then a pile of papers wrapped with a brass color string appeared beside me. I then heard myself say “ Father, these are all your words you have spoken. I have brought them before you to remind you of what you’ve said” I felt the Lord smile & the papers were magnetically taken to him ( I don’t know how to describe it). The Lord took those papers and sealed every one with a stamp like object. When he finished sealing a paper it would become light. Then when the last one was sealed he spoke “ It’s Done!!! Authoritatively & He gave me the light that had formed from those papers. ”

Have I ever failed? Have you not know the Lord to fail? For surely the Purposes of the Lord shall be established though the plans of men be many.

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