I Want You to Know

Building God's Temple by the Seven Spirit's of God

I Want You to Know

25 April 2020

I want you to know several things. Firstly that this global crisis has been permitted by my Spirit & the Angels to awaken the church out of her slumber. For the third great awakening is on the horizon. So I intentionally permitted the great dragon even China to orchestrate his diabolical agenda against the United States to the end that I might shake nations and my church. The caldron of My Fire has tested the whole lot in the global church. And the masses have been found wanting. I have debased lofty idols. Who are these Lord? I asked, Are they Not many of my servants who sought to take glory and lift their names. Are they not the wolves sent in the midst my sheep to disway them? But I have revealed their nakedness and those who have blindly followed & worshiped them them. Behold I come out of my dwelling to give to every man what he rightly deserves. I have tested the hearts & minds of my children & I have their reward with me. Judgements upon Judgements. These are to cleanse & purify my church. For there is a great awakening preceded by a global restoration of the Way of the Lord. I am in control of the kingdoms of the earth. Secondly I want to you that I have seen the intentions, efforts & actions of some of my children around the world. And surely upon them I will pour the Spirit & Power of Elijah, they are surely for signs & wonders. I have tested you says the Lord. And I am well pleased with you for you did not draw back in fear nor bow To the spirit of Antichrist terrorizing currently in the nationS. As he spoke I saw a vision. I saw the Lord sitting before a desk with books open. There was particularly one that he was paging through with a pen and marking with a tick. In that book we’re Names of Ministries, Ministers & Christians. He had smile on his face. Surprisly the Book had very little pages in comparison to the one before him. It was a thick book. When HE closed the book he had been holding in his. He looked at the other and His countenance changed. He looked disgusted or displeased so without even opening He threw it in a fire. I had screams and loud cries coming out of the book. In my heart I asked what it all means? Then the Spirit said : This is the third thing I want you to know. That the Lord has already made his decision concerning His church and he has chosen those who will take up mantles of the Lord for these last days. Some of them who failed will be shamed publicly (then I saw TD Jakes falling to the ground. I saw Kenneth Copeland die a disgraceful death…the Lord does not permit to write what I’m seeing. However while I think they are literal I also think these men represent different christian movements. Eg. Charismatic, Pentecostal or Word of Faith ). Some of them will die sudden deaths & some suffer greatly. And many of their followers will turn to me under terrifying circumstances. But on those who I have my hand upon. You will grow stronger and stronger strengthened by my Spirit. Then I stood in the Spirit on a high mountain and the saw what looked to be like skyscrapers then the Lord said. “These represents nations who’ve grown high and powerful even going against the Lord of Heaven. Some were tall and large, some were thin and tall. Some looked like 3 stories. Some short and some very short. they were different variations. I saw 3 very very tall ones. Very much taller than the rest. But their height and width were different. The one that looked to be the tallest had 3 huge holes in its structures. The second tallest appeared to be growing. Then the last was shrinking. I wondered what it all meant. Then the Lord said to me “ The tallest is America but the 3 holes are vulnerabilities that shall cause it to fall. The second is China. The dragon is growing stronger. It wants to the pinnacle of power as god over the earth. The third that’s sinking is European Union Nation. For I am destabilizing it’s strength for a time but it shall rise in the war years with Germany as its Head. Suddenly the vision changed. And I saw many many of the Skyscrapers burning with fire. Some were capsizing and Some bearly stood. The scene was catastrophic. War!! A voice sounded. World War is near. Tell the nations to prepare. Tell the People to prepare. Then the Lord showed me a beautiful garden with a stream flowing. “This is reached by the way of holiness. This is the rest I have prepared for all my people who will be willing to follow my Spirit and Hear his voice speaking unto them. Warning them of the coming calamities. Tell them it’s time TO LIVE IN MY REST” Lastly i want all in The ministry & everyone who Has received the grace & anointing I have placed On you to know that I am well pleased their Supplications and incense Have ascended & I have granted answers and commands to their prayer. My angels have been doing my Word until now. Now you must Abide in me. You have carried the burdens I have placed on you. You have my obeyed my Word. Now rest says the Lord. Let everyone hear this. The battle phase is over. Rest. Let everyone hear this. Rest. It’s Done. Now abide in me & rest. As you pray remember You are only laboring to enter my Rest. For I have settled your cases and judgements have made been in your favor. Rest says the Lord. I saw a woman like figure on top of a mountain. She had filthy clothes. Then a voice went out. “Take off the filthy the garment and put on her a garment fitting for a bride.” Then the Lord said. All that’s been happening for past 3 decades has been mirroring This which you see. The only way to adorn my bride is to undress her filth. All Revealing Her Nakedness before the world. But I will beautify her & the nations shall know that I have Loved her with an everlasting Love when she rises as giant awakening from his sleep. The church of Jesus Christ shall shake the nations with Name of the Lord. Watch for the vision is sure and shall come to pass. The Light will shine again Brighter than before.

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