Word from an Arch Angel

Word from an Arch Angel

1 May 2020 @ 22:20

I was sitting. Reading a book when I knew I had to stop. Then I received a Message from an Angel which I Later found to be an arch angel because I asked Him who he was. He said I am Zaruf, The Arch Angel of War & Peace & I bring you news from Heaven. Below is what I got to receive from Him.

You are part of the endtime force the Lord is mobilizing all around the earth. In every nation on this earth I have set forth men, women, children of every background to serve me and my purposes. Behold you just like them have been kept in hiding by the Lord in the same way I hid my Son from the onslaughts of Herod. I hid him in Egypt as I did Israel until the time appointed. The Angels have went marking those whom the Lord will use as vessels of righteousness & justice here in this time. And you’ve been selected. I bring you news from Heaven that the things the Lord has promised has record and that as He has told you, are Done. You’re concerns have been heard and addressed. Take time to pray for your unknown brothers & sisters who the Lord has chosen especially those in gospel restricted nations. Lift up a cry for them.

(Suddenly I saw a host a Large host of the heavenly army standing in the air. ) the Angels reply : They are waiting for the sound of the trumpet that is to sound from the Saints here on earth those in whom the voice of the Spirit resounds. Shout Shout Shout & Release then to action in the affairs of man. There’s an adjustment the Lord is bringing upon the nations. The prayerlessness of the body has caused much harm but the Lord is bringing an adjustment. Fear not for all this shall pass but pray for something worse and more sinister is on the global horizon. Pray & Prepare for there is war coming. This war started 10 years ago in the Spirit when the Lord released a group of us to begin laying the ground for His coming. They were met with a fierce backlash and opposition from the evil one & his hosts. The Lord has sent more and more reinforcements as the prayers of the Saints on earth increased. Now this battle will be mirrored and reflected through the nations of the earth. That is why Satan has tried to speed up things here on earth because there’s been a breakthrough and the army has gained much territory. He has went out into the nation to stir up their rulers for war. Many of these rulers have a diabolical appetite for bloodshed. And that is what they will get because they have yielded themselves and submitted to the evil ones plan. The time is short. And the convergence of the spiritual activities will play themselves out here on earth. Pray that many lives be spared. For there shall be millions of casualties of the people. You cannot pray the war away but you can mitigate its impact upon your nations. Let the people know. Those who have ears to hear. Let them know. Things are about to become much harder in your world but blessed are those whose eyes are ever on the Lord of Heaven and earth for refuge has been prepared for them by the Lord. The people of Zion will find safety in these coming times. Yes they will sleep peacefully those who rely on the Lord. This is the age of the Supernatural and men must awake. They have been sleeping for too long now and now the Lord has commanded some of us to go and open the eyes of those who are willing to do His will. They must learn to work with us and much victories and leeway will be secured for the Lord’s people in the nations of the earth. Time to sleep to the things of God is over. Those who sleep on may never wake and the blindness that is to befall the nations will befall them too. The Lord wants you to know that you are much beloved and you have well pleased him in the last few months. Your rewards await you. But you must continue and help the people he has given you fight even the good fight of faith. We are with you and working with you. Pray and seek the Lords ways. He shall teach you his paths.

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