2020 Prayer Summit Testimonies

2020 Prayer Summit Testimonies

Week 1 Testimonies (unedited)

Below is an account of some of the testimonies of encounters & revelations people had. Please read them prayerfully because this from the Lord. You will notice i did not include names because i think it’s irrelevant, what important is the Lord is glorified. As i said to you i will only send those which i think are most relevant to the purpose of our summit. That’s not to imply that those revelations are not important. Having said that, please do continue to share because all this we will include in the volume 3 book later this year. Note i didnt do any editing on these testimonies, i juat pasted them as is. Thank you.

  1. After i was Prophecying by Reading out loud the prophecies, i Closed my eyes, immediately i did just so, i saw Rain falling on me – but this wasnt any ordinary type of rain.. it was like rays of light falling upon me. then i heard “Receive, Receive, Receive”. i received with joy.
  2. While praying & I heard distinctive voice say to me “Tell My people to be genuine in these prayers , they should be expressive in their labour ,for I have assigned of My best Angels to help them experience my Rest .Their visions & dreams &revelations shall be more different(unique ) from all the others . Be genuine ! Be genuine & expressive .” Says the Holy Spirit.
  3. Last night I had a dream… In the dream all saints we’re in one house but the woman were in a different room,and so was man.In the room where the woman was,there was a big bath tub like a swimming pool but it had hot water and several women we’re washing themselves,as I looked around I saw boiling water in silver kettles as I noticed the boiling water I hear someone say “if you don’t prepare yourself and wash you’ll be left behind,after bathing we were taken to a garden and a few people (men and women) we’re harvesting all types of food,but each was chosen what to harvest,I was then taken to harvest baby carrots, as I looked around I saw saints from HST also there.
  4. Morning Dr during prayer the Lord gave me Psalm 100, amen
  5. Gud day my sister,as we were praying the lord said to me portals have been opened to walk in step in the spirit, for all watchers…(Edited OUT… HST God has called you,he has seen ur effort, the spirit says i will rekindle your ?, always, don’t leave Your chambers, stay in Your chambers, listen to the instructions of man of God,then i saw many many angels,so the spirit said i have deployed and assigned 3rd of the angels to you,they will speak on yr behalf,in whatever happens to you Thank you,may God blesses us
  6. The Lord says “The resources of the KINGDOM shall reach you. Watch me turn the hands of time and bestow unto you what the locust stolen even in thy bloodline.”????? Amen
  7. Good evening saints . this morning as the 1st group was checking in on the group for prayer the anointing was so strong on me I saw myself crying Non stop and in my heart I said Lord we love u and that is the reason we sacrifice yearly to participate in the prayer summit which is normally 31,days each year. just now as we were praying the same happened the anointing was strong and the Lord revealed this to me HST is a church which its foundation was built upon the Seven Spirits of God. therefore every year what we do is unusual to churches to participate in such an event . that is the reason even in such a time its even hard or difficult for a church to have an ear to hear what is the spirit of God is saying to churches. As we are the effort; impact or power we have is seen. Other reason is Dr Enoch was chosen for such an end time move to stand in the Gap to exalt the name of God and whereby churches were supposed to be corporate for burning of incense to the Lord. Deep mysteries were revealed to Dr Enoch.
  8. As I began to pray, I began to hear my spirit saying the rest of God, and I suddenly saw 12 trees blooming(like in Pastor’s prophecy) and and God said the journey to my rest has just began and if you remain faithful there is more to come out of this 49 days prayer-be faithful for my children don’t know this but there’s plenty in store but they will have to press on. (this was in the morning) Thank you.
  9. This is what I heard as we were praying… “Remember that my Word is my servant, and it is therefore obliged to perfect my chosen ones into my image and character, but it can only do so only, to yielded vessels, those who deny themselves and who allow the Holy Spirit to have supreme rule and authority. Many of my children want to rest, without implanting the Word in their soul and Spirit. They have put a line between Me and My Word…”In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God”. It is a necessity that they bask in my Word, as they do that, they are partaking of Me. They won’t need to look within themselves for strength, let them rest in my Word. Others are saying “Lord Fulfillment! Fulfillment! Fulfillment! We want more! ( not referring to tangible things) Only I give true! fulfillment, draw close to me and I will draw close to you, and I shall give you peace that surpasses all understanding. Matthew 6:21” Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled”… I remembered this above ☝?portion of the prophecy that was released in 2019 (24 November 2019). I have given you everything pertaining to life and godliness. My Word( My Servant) is sent and ordered to perfect you, you just yield and let it “….pierce the division of soul and Spirit”. My Word never fails!
  10. Good day Pastor As I was praying the voice of the Lord said we have the Angel Zuriel in our mist which has 2,roles and again is the angel of transitional. Not knowing what is the meaning
  11. As I began to pray. There was a strong mighty wind blowing, I felt the urgency to command Angels to establish their work, after a while, I saw them entering the room, these were Angels of the Promises of God. They brought with them a Golden Ladder that was written (Victory) with bold letters on top of the ladder, but on each side of a step was written all the promises of God, promised to the church. Then the Angel of Righteousness Commanded me to climb, I was on the step of Grace. The Angel said, as the church fulfils the Obedience of God, so shall God cause it to rise and reach all the promises for they are given, at the appointed time it shall be Fulfilled.
  12. As I was praying, the Lord said:”Belief is required! For I see my daughter that some of my people are not believing. This grace shall not manifest without belief. Believing is important above all else. For this grace to be operative, believing is essential. What profit is there if one prays and does not believe? For there are still some who are not hearkening to the instructions of my servant. For there are still some who do not listen or read the prophecies. Some do not even bother to check the audios that my servant has uploaded on those platforms. Holy Spirit’s Tabernacle, where is your honour for my servant? Hearken to every single word that my servant says unto you. Have a listening heart My people. This 49 days prayer summit should not be taken lightly. If there was ever a time to be serious ; it is such times like these. Do everything with fervency and obedience. It is not just a word for the year 2020 My people. It’s a word that shall set you ahead for the decade. Some will not experience this grace until they believe and change their perspective on wealth. Wealth is not given to to think about buying houses and cars, that is just a confluence of wealth. Wealth is first and foremost about establishing kingdom covenant. It is time to wake up My people! “
  13. I had a dream and in the dream we were praying fervently in a group and I saw Pastor in front of me.. He called me to a room and said the Lord says He is going to take it away for your Glory, and then we continued to pray. As I observed my personal morning prayer.. just praying and speaking forth the promises of God this scripture came to thought. 2 Corinthians 4:13 And since we have the same spirit of faith, according to what is written, “I believed and therefore I spoke,” we also believe and therefore speak, According to the prophecies given unto us, I was caused to understand that as we begin to speak forth these prophecies from a stand point of faith, believing that God is and that His a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him we align ourselves to what the Lord has spoken and therefore agree to the fulfillment thereof.
  14. Morning Ma. This is the experience I had on Monday. I thought I had sent it. I was on my knees praying and I was taken to a place in the Spirit, the place looked like a garden but very beautiful. I recognised the place Because that was not the first time I was there. I was walking and I looked a had a page in my hand, the page was written On the header FULFILMENT.  EXALTATION. AND GLORY.  And I realised that on the page, was written the prophetic word that the Lord gave through the Prophet. And I heard a voice giving a scripture. 2 Peter 1:20. knowing this first, that no prophecy of Scripture is of any private interpretation,21.for prophecy never came by the will of man, but holy men of God spoke as they were moved by the Holy Spirit. After hearing that I was filled with faith and believe. I started crying, Lord I believe! Help me believe! Teach me! And I heard myself shouting “The Gift of faith” Then I came back and continued praying
  15. The lord said:”Holy Spirit’s Tabernacle, I am blowing millions,I am blowing the billions. For in you My people I have found vessels and carriers of kingdom wealth. I have found stewards of wealth. And yes,my promises shall come to pass and you shall enter into my rest. Only believe My people! Believe that you may enter my rest. Remove from yourself a mentality of lack My people. For there is abundance in your storehouses. The blessing of the Lord is upon you.
  16. When I was praying with my eyes close and my hands lifted up from my back I was covered with wings ,I heard voice saying trust God all of the sudden I was in the yard when I look at our entrance I saw a tall tall man by him there were little children running to him touching his feet the voice said as many talk to me I am able to hear what they are saying ask I will give you Then I heard the voice of the pastor say shout glory in the house of God but the voice changed I was like the voice of God
  17. I have seen you labouring and I am pleased with it your prayers are heard in heaven I am receiving your incense continue in the same manner many thing are coming Holy spirit tabernacle I have chosen you I have chosen, you give ear to my prophet Enoch and you shall continue to proper you and wealth also be yours lift up your eyes and see the goodness of the lord
  18. “I have exalted my word above my reputation. This is a word (Wealth And Prosperity) that is sure and I shall fulfil it. Have I not said that this year I shall fulfil every word and promise I gave. It is this year that you shall see the extent of my sovereignty . I am God And beside me there is no other. The WORD concerning Wealth And Prosperity is a sure word And I will perform it in the sight of you all. In a moment. Suddenly. You shall see it”
  19. While we were praying, I had a vision. I saw innumerable people on a mountain, I could not see their faces, but I perceived that some of the saints from HST were also there. These people were wearing white robes and had crowns on their heads. They were facing the same direction, and each of them on their right hand, had a shiny metal rod. Their rods were touching the ground in one accord and in the same breath, they were chanting “Victory! Victory! Victory!”, and on the top of the mountain there was someone there, facing the direction of these people, I couldn’t see this person clearly.

Week 2 Testimonies (unedited)

Below is an account of some of the testimonies of encounters & revelations people had. Please read them prayerfully because this from the Lord. You will notice i did not include names because i think it’s irrelevant, what important is the Lord is glorified. As i said to you i will only send those which i think are most relevant to the purpose of our summit. That’s not to imply that those revelations are not important. Having said that, please do continue to share because all this we will include in the volume 3 book later this year. Note i didnt do any editing on these testimonies, i juat pasted them as is. Thank you.

  1. Greetings Dr Enoch in the Name of Jesus,this morning when we started with prayer I was caught up, I was kneeling down during prayer,so I saw the place in Heaven with the name of the church letters we bold with Gold and Royal Blue colours I raised my head to see clearly the place,at a moment I saw lot of Angels ushering Dr Enoch and Jesu appeared with swords and they were all having names of the congrats and the name of the church on each, I bowed down calling the name Yeshua several times and the voice said”Enoch is my prophet, my, friend I have called him for a Higher Callings and Levels I have hidden him for my Glory and Jesus smiled at Pastor and Pastor smiled as-well” and I continue shouting Yeshua several times,in a moment pastor started handing over swords to each member, Amen ??
  2. Good evening. When i was praying, i started fearing, the more i raised my voice in prayer – my fear elevated as well. This fear was as if Someone is with me, all around me. Id hear things that are not There. sense movements. i sense a deep presence. but couldn’t be alert what it was. i then heard a voice “You fear things that you shouldn’t fear. you are light. Im using you as my vessel” i then saw A hand with a cup, This cup was filled with darkish fluid & it began pouring into me from my head. “Im filling you with the spirit of Boldness. BE BOLD in my Word. I’ve set a pedestal for you.” After that i felt a presence again but this time with Greater heat behind me. Then i knew the Lord was with me. ?
  3. Good evening Mam Jessie. I hope all is well. As I was praying tonight I believe that I saw the words broken and delay, as I continued to speak In tongues I believe that I felt that there was more words to be revealed however my heart was heavy and I begun to tell God what was troubling me. As soon finished confessing what was heavy in my heart, I believe that I heard the Lord tell me to hush and listen for He is now speaking, the same words appeared (broken and delay however accommodate by the voice saying that all false foundations have been broken, every spirits of delay have been removed, the Lord said that I should hold steadfast to His promises for they have been fulfilled, “step into my promises” , the voice said, and the he voice continued, “am I a man that I should lie?” Let go of all things (to that I believe it was indicating to the heaviness that was in my heart) for I am beginning to move swiftly and will occupy in every area of your life. I believe that Is what I heard from God.
  4. Good morning Pastor I had a vision. I heard a voice said our prayers have created a Locomotive impact the heaven is so busy with our prayers then suddenly I saw a room up its door was opened and we could only see the hand and the face of 2 people showing up at the door I don’t know their face but they are collecting very very quickly a name and the number very very fast once they get saints name and number they put inside again they look outside to receive another name and number one by one then one of those man stick his face out the door and said I received a name for dikas mom but there is no number allocated where is her number then I asked where will she get the number and I was told ur number comes from the numbers your allocated to for prayer and that is your number then I asked where does she go den . then i was told she has to be allocated a number as they only accept the name and the number and its what is needed. I woke up but the speed on how they are collecting these names and numbers its amazing
  5. As I was praying, I felt the fervency of prayer so strong inside me, I immediately went on my knees, I felt a strong burden in my Spirit all I could do was to lift up a cry to the Lord, I received Psalm 141. Then the Lord said to me, where is my Spirit to those who’s lights are deem? Where is the offering of Worship? Shall I accept an unseasoned offering on my Altar? Where are those to draw from the well that shall never run dry? I sought for a man who shall lift up an offering of Praise in my house and I found no one. I will shut my doors also, for their offerings are dirty, they do not know what they are doing. For time has passed where I have spoken but my voice was not heard. Then I saw the light of God was upon us as a church. The Lord said, your reward is in your obedience to my Word. And I shall lift this church up. Continue to heed and trusting in my Word. It is coming and many shall wonder HOW? But I shall cause you to be a living testimony to the world. I have bestowed my love upon you. Continue to lift up Incense. Just like Moses lifted up a cry to me, I did as he asked. So shall I fulfil my promises to you. It shall happen in speed says the Lord. Continue to till the Ground that your works may be rewarded. But the ground must be tilled.
  6. I was bowing down then I was pulled up and I saw a big watch on it I saw people from the church each one standing on their time in the middle was the pastor as he look each one of us he will smile then we bow down and start to pray,light will come from us connect with the pastor then go up I head a voice saying “I have called you Holy Spirit’s Tabernacle you have responded with open hearts see the blessings of the lord shall come on you like the rain waters the earth
  7. 12 May 2020 As I was praying during and into 12oclock I heard a word… heaven is running the transactions, (heaven is processing the transactions. Be like your father Abraham, who set his gaze on My finished works. I am even allocating land unto you which yields proceeds of minerals. My arm is short. A plummeting of the monitory system in your favor [typed while in the spirit]). last night in a dream I saw drawers of silver full of notes in dollars similar to safety deposit boxes one finds in bank. These drawers were at the back of counter where a women was standing as a receptionist and these drawers were opening and closing open and closing as they were doing this the notes in them became fewer and fewer and there were men at the back of these drawers taking the notes. I did not understand what this means, as I am praying now the words a plummeting of system is echoing through conscious. A plummeting is taking place in our favour.
  8. Good day The Lord said unto me in prayer For the reward is great to those whom seek me in all the watches Behold i fulfil all my promises to you Enter in to my rest and enjoy the fruits of your labour
  9. “Holy Spirit’s Tabernacle, I want you to know what you are doing is not in vain. For your prayers have went up as shafts of light. I have received your prayers as sweet smelling aroma”.I saw a man who had a goldish like garment. And around a golden rope was tied around his waist. He had a gold bowl;inside that bowl were the names of every person from Holy Spirit’s Tabernacle. And it was as if incense was coming out of that bowl.
  10. I received Isaiah 60:5 in my Spirit (The wealth of the Gentiles) I heard voice in the Spirit saying, many are wondering in their hearts how shall all this happen. That voice said, follow the Spirit of Prophecy that spoke years ago and things came to pass, it is the same Spirit today still community the heart of God, and it shall fulfil every word spoken Believe and Receive. I received, Ephesians 3:20.
  11. I was praying and i felt a deep feeling from my stomach. As i started groaning i heard the Lord saying to me “OBEY & ENTER IN MY REST, in all that I’m about to do for you do not forget to obey and do not forget to set your eyes on the throne . Enter in my Rest!  Set your Eyes on me & my promises shall not pass you by! Trust in me, lean not in your understanding, for i know a mere man cannot fathom what am about to do. but IT IS HAPPENING. IT IS DONE.”
  12. I saw angels on everyone who is participating in their home roofs now in the spirit; fulfilment time??‍♂️
  13. As I was praying I was taken to the desert,I was all alone, suddenly pastor Enoch appeared before me my eyes then he gave me a transparent plastic, there was something inside it.then I ask what is this in here then the voice said it’s a substance??‍♂??‍♂then I took it and moved on with my journey,suddenly I was at nelmaphius at mamanes place,the voice came again saying give the substance to all the women to drink it they will get pregnant and give birth ??then I did that all off a sudden all of them fall down shouting praise the lord ??praise the lord ??praise the lord, then the anointing became so strong to me.Amen????
  14. This is what i saw and heard, the lord wants us to continue with the day and night prayer till further notice, the lord said this has never happened in the history of the body of Christ, the lord said we don’t know the impacts that we have made in the heavens, the heavens is so busy,so now that the lord said this impact most affects even the earth, the lord said so mani people of other churches will take part for they r so hungry for God in this lockdown, remember churches r closed, so now some who started with us their spiritual life is growing,why they never prayed for long hours,so now tings r happening in their lives,so some r gonna be part of this day and night prayer, change is here and is happening,ur prayers are bombarding the heavens,amen

Week 3 Testimonies

  1. As I was praying. I was given Matthew 5:10. And the lord said it is for my glory that you are persecuted. The lord takes delight in the suffering of his people. If they have persecuted the lord of glory, why will not persecute his people. Then I saw that we were covered by huge wings. And the lord said : you are covered under the shadow of wings. I show  you these things so that you may always know that I am with you. Do not think this 49 days is just about entering into rest. But I am bringing restoration, uprootment, alignment, correct, healing. Do not think that you are doing this vain, there has been great impact in the realm of the spirit. And then I saw a being. He had a golden book and he was writing something. Remember what I said to you, I have healed some of the women today. Some of them need to let go, so I can heal them.
  2. Good day saints My apologies I forgot to send my testimony in time. I had a recurring dream of women in hospital ready to give birth,as they prayed they got pregnant,so in the hospital I heard one of the nurses say “these women give birth fast”as I left my own delivery ward I want to check on different women to see if they had already delivered their babies,I came across one of the ladies in church (Neo) and she showed me her baby boy.
  3. I was praying and the Holy Spirit said to me; just as Ezekiel spoke of the river of my anointing so shall it be the river I shall cause you to swim in it. I saw many from Holy Spirit’s Tabernacle swimming in a great river of Gold and when coming out of the river. Great light was emanating from our faces and with great joy we were sings the songs of the Lamb. The river of great wealth and I shall cause all who believe swim therein says the Lord. Mighty works says the spirit of the Living God. What are these for, it is for the demonstration of my word that many may know that I am the Lord and I am able to perform all these things which I have promised.
  4. I was in prayer and heard a voice say to me; hear and understand I shall make you fly, I shall give wings of a mighty eagle to fly and your ways shall be the high ways of heaven says the Lord. You shall be caused to fly above the systems of the world, and many shall ask who these mighty men and women who have the seal of the living God on them.
  5. Isaiah 55:1-2 I heard the spirit say to me that he has long desired that it may become a reality in the body of Christ, but men and women have never endeavoured to take time and seek my face, the promises of Isaiah 55:1-2 can never come to pass unless men seek me while I may still be found, when you shall seek me and find me then you shall have joy says the spirit of the living God. And now Holy Spirit’s Tabernacle has been seeking me for quite some time now and they have found me says the living God and I shall give her a place to walk among these who stand here says the spirit of the Living God. Who has heard and seen what I shall begin to do says the spirit of the Lord the windows of heaven have been opened to her and I shall pour upon her such a blessing that she will not have enough room to contain. When the word of prophecy came it gave all of you wings and I have determined that with those wings you shall fly to where I am and be with me above the mercy seat below the cherubim’s there is a place for you there, now fly! now fly! says the spirit of the Lord fly upon the winds of my word and all I have promised shall come to pass and now has.
  6. Greetings Mam Jessie, I have been trusting God that all those who He brings and has kept in my life during this 49 days of prayer grow hungry and thirsty God, and be influenced by The Holy Spirit to seek Him. My family has been praying with me every once in a while since the summit but since Sunday (17th of May 2020)My mom has been listening to Pastor’s teachings on the websites even so far I am the only one Born Again in my family, hearing my mom ask for my cell phone to listen to the teaching increases my expectation for my family to receive The Lord Jesus as their personal Lord and Savior. ??
  7. The Holy Spirit of said to me, let the promises of God not escape your mouth, let it be declared in the atmosphere. Let it be declared with a heart of Faith. The same Power and Authority Jesus had to command the unclean spirits to leave, it has been given to you to uproot all things that where hidden from you. The time is near, the Word of the Lord shall be Fulfilled. For creation to be, Words were declared and Nature responded to the voice of God. So shall your desires respond to you in the same Power. But Speak, said the Spirit of God.
  8. Evening Ma. As I began to pray, I began to hear my spirit saying the rest of God, and I suddenly saw 12 trees blooming(like in Pastor’s prophecy) and and God said the journey to my rest has just began and if you remain faithful there is more to come out of this 49 days prayer-be faithful for my children don’t know this but there’s plenty in store but they will have to press on. (this was in the morning) Thank you.
  9. 19/05/2020…. 13:30 While praying I saw angels with golden bowls pouring gold liquid in the air and it would vanish but it looked like it was turning into dust because all around it became shining gold like there was wind and the Lord said that the atmosphere has changed we are now breathing wealth the atmosphere is polluted by gold, inhale, you have called it in the spirit. While the angels are busy running out of the liquid in the bowls then I heard the Lord telling the angels to speed up with the liquid because his children are waiting to receive more….In few seconds I heard voices saying “how did they manage to secure so much in the spirit and look at the wealth is outpouring to the natural” then I heard a voice saying Holy Spirit’s Tabernacle is on the lips of every spirit in heaven, they have secured so much and they sounded so amazed. I then looked up I saw the angels of gold calling for assistance from other angels from different departments, the demand was increasing. The Lord said receive it every day of your life, call upon it for you have polluted the air with wealth.
  10. 18 May 2020…. 11 am As I was praying, I heard the Lord saying tell my people to increase fire in their prayers. Then I saw an angel passing by like a shadow and suddenly there was light as it left.
  11. Keep the altars burning. Keep altars burning. Keep altars burning with fervency. Increase the intensity. Some even feel fatigued and weary but it is not them. Increase the intensity. Let your incense rise
  12. All my promises shall come to pass. Not one of them shall fail. Keep believing my daughter
  13. I am plummeting the systems for your sake My people. Wealth is your inheritance. Believe and enter into my rest. It shall happen supernaturally. Focus on the main objective of wealth My people and that is establishing kingdom covenant and not its confluence. I shall fulfil My Word, I shall Exalt My Word and I shall glorify My  Word.
  14. I saw in a vision. A cloud up in the sky; But I realised something strange. That the cloud was getting bigger as though it was filled with something. Like when you blow a balloon. I looked down, Because I was standing between the earth and the sky. I saw that what was filling the clouds was actually substance coming from the earth_ it looked like smoke. A voice said to me, what is rising from the earth are prayers of the saints. From the first day you started praying, the clouds have been building. And the scripture came to my spirit: “If the clouds are full of rain, They empty themselves upon the earth” I knew this had to do with the prayer summit And fulfilment of God’s word.
  15. Arise for time has went “I AM COMING “WASH your self in my word prepare yourself to see me,Many have said when is that time but soon i say when no men is accepting me I have said this till many of the people took it as a joke and forgot the words that come out of my mouth but on that day all people shall stand before me. ” *I AM COMING ” prepare yourself Revelation 22v12
  16. Good day my father “While in prayer  today i was taken into a vision where i saw the Brethren of our church & each one of us in prayer. As i look while the Brethren was interceding i saw soldier-like standing behind each brethren & the more expressive & fervent  we got the more soldiers was placed behind us individually & as i saw some brethren had so much soldiers standing behind  them & just like that, the more we interceded the more soldiers  we would get .” This is the exact teaching you gave during WEALTH Conference about wealth& prosperity from God are armies & heavenly hosts Amen
  17. Sir As I was praying and just abiding in God on my 7th watch the Spirit lead me to some specific abstract of Prophecy (Wealth Conference 2020. The Word Of The Lord) that says “Shall I use you? Shall you be my instrument? Shall I display, manifest and demonstrate my power through you, and YEA I shall do it. I will make my NAME a praise through you! I will make my name a praise through you and then thou shall sing the songs of Zion because the Lord would have done it for you without the strength of men. I shall even open the channels of the Spirit and pour upon you blessings uncontainable. The Lord says “I will use you as a weapon to shatter religious strongholds in CITIES and NATIONS. I will use you to display the culture of my KINGDOM. You shall see that my city shall spread abroad through prosperity”that it is what was Prophesied through Isaiah saying

Isaiah 49:1-2, Listen, O coastlands, to Me, And take heed, you peoples from afar! The LORD has called Me from the womb; From the matrix of My mother He has made mention of My name. And He has made My mouth like a sharp sword; In the shadow of His hand He has hidden Me, And made Me a polished shaft; In His quiver He has hidden Me.”


Fear not, you worm Jacob, You men of Israel! I will help you,” says the LORD And your Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel. “Behold, I will make you into a new threshing sledge with sharp teeth; You shall thresh the mountains and beat them small, And make the hills like chaff. You shall winnow them, the wind shall carry them away, And the whirlwind shall scatter them; You shall rejoice in the LORD, And glory in the Holy One of Israel.

The Lord has planned to use us as instrument of Power & Authority, that even as the Kings I’d the earth set themselves, rulers taking counsel together Against the Lord and His Church, breaking their bonds in pieces, casting away their cords.. The Lord’s plan is to demonstrate Psalm2:8-9 …. To make us instruments of Power.

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  1. violet Lukele says:

    wow Glory to Jesus Christ indeed God is in control , a word of Gratitude to Dr Enoch, your Zeal and commitment to the Lord has made taught more saints on how to walk closely with God, indeed your teachings are spirit filled , once more Thank you

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