Release the Sword

Building God's Temple by the Seven Spirit's of God

Release the Sword

14 April 2020

“ Tell my People they have spoken too much of this thing. Set now your attention on me says the Lord. Speak my Word, Release the sword. Tell my people to set their face on the mountains of Zion. There shall they hear the Word of the Lord for the hour. Speak no more of this virus. Tune into the news of Heaven and you shall behold that the Lord confounded the strategies of men. Begin to laugh because I have crushed their wicked works. I’ve brought my Justice upon the nations. Speak my Word, release the Sword….Do not be distracted but focus on what I’ve spoken to you for I am already performing my Word. Look and See says the Lord. My Word hasn’t returned void. Look closer my Word has accomplished what I sent it to. Speak my Word release The Sword!!! Consider the things I’ve shown and told you says the Lord for I am already bringing them to pass. Even in the midst of chaos and confusion I am Peace. Even in the midst of destruction and waywardness I am safety. Stay in my Hand & I shall shortly exalt my People. Speak my Word, release the Sword. It is all coming to pass. Even this year says the Lord. For I have heard what has been spoken behind closed doors by these leaders against my name. I have heard says the Lord. And I have allowed them to seemingly succeed in their objectives, their pride will rise that I may Suddenly stretch my heavy hand upon them. They shall not stand. They shall not succeed for I will have the last say. But tell my people to spend time in their closets speaking words In prayer. Speak my Word, release the sword. I have lifted a standard for you. Speak my Word, release the Sword. So says the Spirit of God…”

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