10 Waves of Judgement

Building God's Temple by the Seven Spirit's of God

10 Waves of Judgement

29 March 2020

I was in prayer when I heard the Spirit say: “ Tell them the first wave of my judgements will take place in April. For there are 7 & even 10 of these of waves that shall befall the church & this land.” Then as I lied down, vision came to me. I was shown a table with 10 objects. Sword, an axe, a torch, a veil, a censer with blood. Each went in pairs. Then a mighty Angel stood with one discussing on which places will these Judgements be released. Then the mighty answered : “ Upon the lukewarm church & on the wicked of the Land. For His church has drunk of the wine of Babylon but the Lord will sober her when he has judged his people. As for the governors of the people, THEY SHALL KNOW THAT SURELY Heaven rules even in the affairs of men. The Lord throw His sword upon the heads of the lands and with his axe chop out the roots of the wicked. For the hidden things done and transacted in the dark Shall come to the light. I will put a veil over the heads of this nation and cast a darkness over their eyes to confuse them that I may confound their purposes and scatter plans “ then I heard voice. “ I have heard your prayers & I have answered you in an appointed time. Verily. The judgements are imminent “

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