China & Italy Vision

Building God's Temple by the Seven Spirit's of God

China & Italy Vision

26 March 2020

I saw China hit by one of the measured earthquakes in History. It was between 6-7 in magnitude. I saw Italy covered in White. It was large amounts of snow about waist high in major parts of its country. Then the vision opened & I was shown place, it seemed to be in the Vatican there was a gate leading to a tunnel & the Lord said “ this place is the gateway to Hell. From this place unimaginable iniquity & wickedness has originated. This nation has spit in my face for so long with its sins & perversity that I could no longer keep from stretching forth my hand. Now look the snow shall fall to expose a sinister plan that’s meant to be implemented this year around the world. You will know it because it will all over the news soon after the snow disappears.

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