Concerning South Africa

Building God's Temple by the Seven Spirit's of God

Concerning South Africa

25 March 2020

“Prepare, for very soon there shall be rain, darkness, storms & floods again In this Nation. Only this time it will pour continuously for 2-3 weeks until hospitals flood, roads break open, building capsize & church roofs lift off & houses float. The Lord says : I will the land something worse to worry about & they will not be able to deny the reason. I will confound your leaders & they will beg for prayer! And this virus will fade from your memory. Behold, the leaders of the land will desperately call for prayer from the very same church leaders who allowed thus deception to prevail & they will lift up their voices but I will not hear them. I will embarrass them before the nation as I will this government. They shall all be brought to shame before all. But then those who have given their lives for my shake shall cry mercy & from heaven I will hear. And I will close the windows of heaven & the rain shall cease, the clouds disperse & the floods recede. Then they shall fear me. Afterward, like a domino effect I will judge my church, some of my servants shall come home. I will shake this nation upside down with calamity. I will send them a real pestilence for a season. As I did to Israel in the wilderness. I will teach my people righteousness & repentance. I will expose & uncover the things done & said in secrecy many ministers (in the church & government). Watch for this shall be in a few months. Many will learn but there will be those who will contain to harden their hearts & seek their own way. All shall be weighed on the scales of justice. Let every man judge himself. Watch what will happen in Cape Town, Gauteng & Limpopo…”

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