The Coming Decade 2020

The Coming Decade 2020

29 December 2019

2020 is the beginning of a new era, it is the coming together of different seasons & waves of the move of the Spirit. The Spirit & Power of Elijah will have a strong work within this decade. Especially in turning many hearts to the Lord. There will be a mighty harvest of souls into the kingdom in this decade, commencing from the coming than have ever witnessed before. Especially in Africa. The Lord will raise men & women who will confront the Spirit of Baal operating in His church, men who masquerade themselves as lights of the Lord but are & have been in service to Baal. There’s also a transference & change in the operation of the Spirit. Elijahs must hand over to Elishas. Many of the older generation will be taken Home. Reinhard Bonkke was a sign & a seed for Africa. Because a greater degree of the Power of God wilL rest upon the second and third generation. It is the day of His power & many, even laymen & maidservants will have a work to do for the Lord.

The Lord said “ I am returning to my church & I will shepherd my own sheep. I will drive away every wolve & sorcerer that has devoured & bewitched my people from the Pulpits. I will raise my own & build my church. For many well meaning children of mine have deceived to follow the ways of Baal by these witches & wizards who have hidden themselves in sheep clothing”

“The time has come to establish my purposes on the earth. 2020 will be a year in which I fulfill every word promised. Every past word & plan I will accomplish in the coming year. Prepare yourselves in obedience for the year shall end in Glory & Exaltation if you will be obedient & faithful. For from the first Month, there shall be many many manifestations & fulfillment’s taking place. The things you have prophesied By my Spirit will you see. Believe in the Word. Believe that I am able to bring it to pass. The Books are open, the Seals of the scrolls are broken. It is the set time. I have used this year to humble & break you & shape you into obedience having known what I have planned for my children from the following year.

There shall be a mighty outpouring of the Spirit of Prosperity & Wealth, evident in your lives. Wisdom will be exalted & established in your midst. I am speaking & I have spoken. Uphold the honor of the priesthood & serve me in Holiness. Prepare your garments that you may enter my heavenly quarters & I will open to many the treasures in the hidden places & reveal mysteries of the chambers of my Spirit. The womb of the morning, the womb of the night shall birth forth my desires for your sakes. Observe my Word in the day & night. Open your mouth & cry aloud. There are angelic spirits assigned to bring to pass my Word. These are angels & spirits of fulfillment. (I see them passing by on my right hand).

You must come up to the mountain of the Lords house & serve Him there. From that place he shall show the things which will take place in the nations of the earth.

Now let us go into the Future. The World, especially the power nations, will begin to prepare for war, world war 3. More & more news coverages of nuclear weapons, tests. These countries will be publicly parading their strength. China will have more than 3 Military drills, where they will be showing & pulling rank to other nations. America will be offended & move their naval ships closer to Chinese territory. These will agitate China & cause that dragon to rise up in pride & China will make an unusual & unexpected alliance with a nation that is offended my America. I see that it will be Russia. There’s a technology the Military of America possess that they want to use as a threat mechanism against these nations but it will not work because the news of this technology will leak globally, weakening the advantage of the USA. I will be doing this because I want to Humble this nation. This will carry out into 2023 & 2024. This will affect the world. Meanwhile in Europe, Germany is seeking to raise its horn once again. Serious unrest will grip the upper regions of Europe in a way that was last experience in the era of Adolf. It shall have many surprises, politically & socially. Where they have thought themselves strong, they shall be weakened. Look out into Turkey & you will see how it shall play a part in igniting war between the East & Asia. The unrest there is caused by a monarchist PRINCIPALITY, that desires to Eradicate democracy because it’s strength is in ruling solely through one man. And it seems it will happen but only for a short while.

spiritually I will cause a revival to sweep throughout Europe, Nations that have been once resistant to the gospel will have no choice but to open its doors. Because the mighty power of my Spirit is moving from within the belly of these nations. I will bring the nations to their knees, especially those in Europe & Arabic populated regions. They will confess my Name. See I will bring a mighty storm in what is known as the UAE. & Storm in the Sea & A storm in the Land. This will disrupt most her plans. For that is where that old Serpent is Hiding Himself & I will uncover His hiding & seating. Watch for this will shortly take place.

The nation of South Africa. Pray that the scroll concerning it’s destiny be opened. For this nation has been in limbo for a very long time & now it’s time for it to wake up & fulfill it’s destiny in Africa. I am changing the political character of this nation & continent Prepare for There shall be a United States of Africa soon & South Africa will be at the Head of this formation. For I see in the Spirit talks of a new currency, a currency that will be used right across Africa. Some are proposing a digital currency, let it not be a digital one for then The beasts of other nation will use it to keep Africa under their sway. Oh Africa you shall Rise. Oh Africa there’s the blood of my servants that speak for you before my Throne. I have heard & the decree has went forth. But let South Africa awake. Pray oh Pray that this should begin in 2020. There’s no more time. The window to act is now. Rwanda will become a powerhouse in Africa 2021. If you will pray here. I will even Reverse the policies and bill that have attracted judgement in this Land. I am the Lord.

Let my people Know that I moving in the midst of the lampstands with a sword & rod in my hands. Tell them I will no longer tolerate the sins they knowingly commit, I have given them more than enough grace to conquer them. I Demand Holiness in my Houses. Let the priest clean themselves & let the people sanctify themselves. For I will expose the nakedness of many. That they & those around them may see & know that I reward everyone accordingly to their works. I’m returning to my sanctuaries as a mighty man & the Sanctifier.

So much will revealed throughout the year Spend significant time in my Spirit & I shall bring you into the Fulness of prophetic revelation to see & Hear all that I have planned. I shall speak plainly & leave nothing out. For the time is short & the trumpets must sound. Speak what I tell You, do not hold back for surely these things shall take place in a time when you are alive. Now go & be faithful. And the Word shall come to pass in its own time. Watch & Pray…

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