Prophetic Word for HST

Prophetic Word for HST

I am He that opens the road in the wilderness. I am He that brings forth a fountain in dryness. For I am the Lord and I do all these things. For this is a word unto you Holy Spirit’s Tabernacle. I have called you and raised you. I have made you a pillar upon my foundations

and yes says the Spirit of the Living God. The place where you are now in the spirit may be a wilderness in the natural but ye says God I have brought you to that place. For that is your place of wealth, your place of enlargement. Is it not so that I brought Abraham out from the Land of Ur, and brought him to a deserted land and told him ‘This is the land that I shall give you’ Yes says the Spirit of God. Even where you are in the spirit, it may look like a deserted land but that is your Canaan. For out of that place I shall do a new thing, I shall do a new thing says the Spirit of God. Those from the East, those from the South, and those from the West shall see and notice a rise of smoke. And they shall say Lord what is this? Is it of the Spirit of the Lord? And yes they shall come running.

I have appointed this house, I have appointed this place as a dwelling place of my glory. As a dwelling place of my presence. Do not relent! Do not be discouraged! But be full of courage! For surely in its time; my Word shall be fulfilled. And you shall see yourself like a tree spreading whose branches leads to the ends of the Earth. And you shall be a shade for many nations and for many peoples. And yes says the Spirit of God, I am bringing you up and I am raising you up. For the time shall come where I shall fulfil my Word. For that time is near says the Lord. Be ye faithful! And keep seeking my face. And yes says the Lord, it shall be like a dream when I bring it to pass. It shall be like a dream when in your eyes!

Before your eyes I do this thing says the Lord. And yes your mouth shall be open filled with laughter and singing. Then you shall glory thyself in the Lord and in the King your Saviour_ the Redeemer. I am your help says the Lord. Lean upon me!

I did not call this ministry Holy Spirit’s Tabernacle by chance; it is by destiny and predestination. For from this place shall go out a sound and signals to all the Earth. And all man shall know that my coming is near. For this is a house I have prepared and reserved for the End Time glory. For you have wondered ‘Lord! Why have you hidden us’ I hide that which is precious. And the time shall come says the Spirit of God where I shall bring you before men. Yes they shall come and hear the wisdom that I have placed upon you. Be strong and courageous! And be full of joy! For surely this thing in your hearing shall come to pass says the Lord.

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