War & Unrest

Building God's Temple by the Seven Spirit's of God

War & Unrest

5 September 2019

Good evening The Voice you about to listen to is from a conversation I heard when I was in the Spirit of God in Prayer. I was supplicating In the Spirit before our Lord for the Nations of South Africa. When suddenly I was taken into the Visions of God to see a scene taking place in the Spirit. Two horrific Beasts or creatures arose from seas. They then turn backs against land ( when I looked it was South Africa ) to listen to a voice that was calling to them from seas. I looked and a throne came out of the Sea, out of that throne the voice. The voice spoke what you will hear in the note. The beasts then motioned towards the Land. I saw their names were WAR & UNREST. They were moving with so much urgency & speed. The Lord then said “ the greater sin lies with my People.They slumber & the watchmen sleep. The walls are breached… the Spirit of stupor and slumber has fallen upon the Prophets..” I asked the Lord why is he showing me this & why isn’t he showing it to those who have the platforms to be heard. The Spirit said “ I would if I could…” please share this audio and message with as much christians as you can. Ask them to Pray please. The Spirit said if we will not pray and repent 2020 shall be a year of Terror. You don’t have to mention my name. All that’s important is that we heed the warnings of the Lord. I’m a nobody. It is by His Grace and mercy that these thugs are revealed. Please see the Spirit of Prophecy (holyspiritstabernacle.org.za ) & https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EUSm0r3uo3w with all the prophecies and visions given by the Spirit. And this one too comes from the same Jesus. If we love our Lord and Nation we will lay aside our prides & titles & humble ourselves before God. For what is coming is not pleasant if we do not earnestly seek the face of God

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