The Angel of South Africa

Building God's Temple by the Seven Spirit's of God

The Angel of South Africa

2 August 2019

I was in the Spirit & behold the Angel of South Africa stood in the air. In his hands were scrolls. On one hand a rolled scroll on the other an open book and the angel said : “They contain the destiny of this nation but I’ve been unable to open this one( the rolled scroll it in His left hand) since 1994. The one on the right seemed to be a book of Judgments. He further said “South Africa has not moved spiritually for over 20 Years. Go Tell the churches to pray, tell them to repent. Tell the churches to sanctify themselves and walk in love. For the destiny of this land has been profaned by the walk of the churches. There’s strong Judgement coming. Pray & Seek the mercies of God. I saw flies in the churches and land & the Angel of the Lord said it is the filth of Babylon in the church, Beelzebub has established his seating. ”

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