The Hungry & Thirsty

The Hungry & Thirsty

7 September 2019

I hear the Spirit of God saying “Where are the hungry? Where are the thirsty, those who will cry out for the depths of God? Those who will yearn for the heights of their King. I am moving throughout the earth looking for the hungry and seeking the thirsty, says the Spirit of God. I carry water with me, and I carry fire with me_ I am looking for those who are willing forsake the things of this life and follow me.

“To Where” They ask! To the deep; to the deep end. For there is a move of the Spirit of God on the horizon_ a move never seen before; a move the earth has never felt before. It is one that shall come as a confluence of many other previous moves but the hungry, the thirsty and the broken hearted_ those that tramble at my word and unto them I shall feed.

I am coming soon! For look, the time is even at the doors but before that time there shall come a mighty move of my Spirit. It shall not begin in the Churches but you shall see it begin even in the place I once walked_ in the Middle East. There shall come a mighty wave of my Spirit in the time not too far from now, and I will set the attention of the world to look unto Israel my firstborn.

From there, it shall move to the west; I shall move into Asia. Ohh Africa prepare yourself, you are like arrows in my quiver and from you_ in these last times I shall spread my Gospel. Is it not written ‘Out of Egypt I bring forth my child’ was it not your forefather, Simeon a Cyrenian, who helped me bear the cross? I remember what he did_ for Africa was in him and now Africa, that great light will shine on you.

Who are those that will stand as beacons of the Lord, is it not those who have sanctified themselves? Is it not those who cried out in the secret place, saying ‘Lord I’m a vessel, use me. Let me be a conduit of your power, anointing and your glory’ the earth is dark and darkness has fallen upon people. Where are the hungry? Where are the thirsty? I carry rivers with me, I carry bowls of fire_ deep calls unto deep. I’m calling you tonight to a greater place of fellowship and communion. Come up to the mountains of the Lord; the holy mountains where neither fowl nor lion shall tread upon.

This is the place: The high way of holiness. Pay the price! For there is a cost, says the Spirit of God. I told Moses to take off his shoes, I told Abraham to come out of his house and country, and I told the twelve apostle to leave their vocation to follow me_ yes they forsake all. Those who shall forsake everything and follow my course_ upon them, a Greater measure of my Spirit, glory and anointing shall rest. Deep calls unto deep”

We ask that you help us hunger for your presence; help us to yearn to find that place of communion. We ask that you help us by your spirit, we’re willing. Look upon our hearts and remember that we are humans and we can’t do nothing without you. Here we stand before your presence; look upon us and stretch your hand upon us. Jesus, reign in our lives_ be magnified in our hearts until we see nothing but you.

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