Vision of a Conspiracy.

Building God's Temple by the Seven Spirit's of God

Vision of a Conspiracy.

19 March 2020

I was burdened by the Lord to pray… suddenly I was taken into visions where the Lord showed me a conspiracy. I saw three men in an office, one was the president of the nation & the other 2 sitting opposite were men with seemingly of high profile because of the way they were dressed. One of the men had documents written classified on the envelope. Then he said “Take this & implement it immediately. If you don’t, there’s another Zuma that will replace you. We will be in contact for further instructions ” The tone with which he said seemed rattle the president. They stood up & didn’t shake his hands. And the other said “Remember how you got here”. Then as scene disappeared the Spirit said to me: “Look, he has given away this country, he has compromised & forgotten the hand that put him them there. Now he will lie to your people & carry out without reservation the desire of these wicked agents of Satan. But look what I shall do to Him, I will undress him before everyone & for a time this nation shall be without a President.” Then suddenly I saw headlines from foreign news agency “President of South Africa suffered a stroke after contracting fever…” I saw the president lying in a hospital in a coma… then the Lord said When you see the sudden death of the one who learned at the feet of Kenneth Hagin (the Leader of Rhema), then know I have determined to do this thing. I did with the previous president & I shall do it with this one. I hate compromise & deceit!!

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