Revival on the Horizon

Revival on the Horizon

21 September 2017

Revival is on the Horizon, let men and women prepare themselves. For this shall be no ordinary revival. It is the revival of my spirit culminating to the second coming of Christ. So everything will be different. The lord is giving both the early and latter rains together. And sowing and reaping will be simultaneously.

It is in stages, climaxing to second coming of Christ. It is in this move of my spirit that I will perfect my church. And all that which offends and contaminates will be removed. The reapes are being sent forth, for it harvest. These last 40 years of this age are harvest. In all realms.. This is to say all the seeds of reality and truth in my word shall become a reality. Both in the Light realms and Dark realms.

The angels have been waiting, ready.. Waiting for the prayers of the saints to reach fullness and the sins of the nation’s to be complete. And the judgements upon the USA is a sign that I am moving in the nations purging, shaking and realigning the destines of these nations to serve for my end time purposes

Therefore son. It’s time to mobilize. Gird up yourself for you are being carried forth… Get ready for miracles and unusual happenings

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