The Middle East

The Middle East

3 August 2016


Times of war, times of war, times of war. Will there ever be an end, will there ever be an end they ask? Remember there is a time and purpose for everything under the Sun.. For a time I shall give them peace. But then on the horizon something worse shall forth. Then the Bonds of treaties amongst the nations in the middle East. One nation will breach the treaty and cause upheavals. Brother will go against brother. Sister nation against sister Nation. And all conspire against the fall of the other.. But non shall know what each is planning at the dinning table.. All this is the Doing of the Lord

Something about Israel Revealed

Turn your eyes to Israel. Watch out will happen in the nation and the skies. For when this happen, it shall be a sign that my work in the earth is still being of Carried forth by my Spirit. Russia will try to interfere but will silenced and held back and this is how I will restrain Him.. A Russian Base in the middle will blow up. USA and TERRORIST EXTREMIST Will be suspects.. Putin will not stay longer in office…

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