Provinces Prophecy

Provinces Prophecy

13 August 2016 All Night Prayers…

Concerning Lesotho and Swaziland

South Africa will need these two vast lands in the coming years, for these are regions in the nation I will use to secure my people and It will blessed with harvest and crop and livestock. Pray for these Nations, for even in them I will raise a people to know and do great work for me.. The work of my spirit and the seed of revival was sown by servant Reynard Bonke and I will honour his work and remember his labour of love. For he was willing to follow my voice even in the hardest of time. In his time the country was hardened to my word but my spirit moves and hovers over it as hen nests over her eggs… And yes they will hatch and great harvest of souls will come forth. I will cleanse Swaziland of its idolatry, for it is like a little child who doesn’t know wrong from right , but I will shine my light strong and bright there, through servants whom I have raised and these two nations will be important and significant once again. Lesotho is a refuge region and will lush with vegetation and crop.. I will Dumbfound the best of sorcerers and they will my power and many of will be converted and serve me. Headlines, Headlines will be made from these states….

Concerning Durban Kwazulu Natal

The work I have begun in Durban will begin to spread like wildfire all over the city and in times to come the whole natal. The province is ready spiritually,even as a little yeast leavens the whole bread and cause it to spread, so the work will spread, though it seems small and insignificant, continue to pray and seek my face and more directives will be given. I have commanded growth and expansion and nothing will the stop the work from growing like a tall cedar and provide shelter for many , even ministeres who’s fires have run out, from the tree I will refresh them and give them fruit to eat that will kindle their zeal for me and my work. Be vigilant and diligent ,it is my hand and power that will do this and not by the arm of the flesh… Believe and continue on in faith, for surely nothing is impossible..

Concerning Gauteng

Gauteng is the heart of this nation, and the heart has not been pumping alright and it affected many cities both spiritually and in the naturally. I told that it is because leaders who have corrupted their authority through devisive schemes, but I have removed them and for a time the heart will pump alright and things will be as though they have become alright then trouble will brew and spread all over the nation, because the scandal of prominent leader that will surface. They should not remove the seat of government from Cape Town, it is not good for the country spiritually, so pray against this. The tides of power have shifted and new era has begun in this nation. The heart will show all the signs and they have begun. The Angels have been assigned in this shift and Usakrietel and his generals have energising the direction of certain events, even in the passed elections .. Gauteng will be restored for a time to the honour and prestige it once held amongst her sisters. The spread of the message, my message will be with such speed, the signs of revival will be seen from this Province. Watch and Pray and more will be given..

Concerning Cape Town

Cape Town, birth place of communism and colonism, will also be the birth place of the healing of the nation. The mother city has been oppressed, it is because the influence of the fallen angels have been strong ,because of the bitterness and anger released by its people, it’s deep rooted with it, but I will heal the city and the eyes of the nation and nations will be upon it for when I move over you mother city and bring your children out of bondage by great deliverance, for I looked and have had mercy on you. Your crimes and violence have been because of your anger, you are hurt ,you were bruised by your past masters. Even though they are no more, they have marred you with scares and some wounds have not healed, but I will heal you and gather you to my self . And give you great peace because The change comes that will affect the whole nation. You will the feel the impact the most and some places in you, will never get to see the light of day, for they will submerged in deep waters and the ruins will not be found, but a portion of you will severed and survive. For still I have a plan for you.. You will house many people from vast and many Lands and I will give the wisdom to handle them all. Oh mother city i have heard your cry and will comfort you…..

The Dream

The lord showed a dream, about how some of HiS unknown major prophets have operated. Showed me a woman in America who was going to and fro in the nation, even in the weirdest of places, some even unknown to people. And she would prophesy and speak the message of the Lord, until such a time she was offered up in chains by satans human agents to the main quarters of fallen angels and rulers of the darkness of this world. Then in the dream the Voice said to Me “This is what will be done to you just as it was done to this one and to the Canadian Prophet..” I couldn’t understand what the voice meant until I saw the woman prophet stand before some creature who thought she was a prisoner, at the sight of the. Creatures she began to speak the word from the lord and he whole place shrieked and was shaken and I understood it was to shake and fallen and false powers. Also had the impression it also refers to governments and Ministers…Brifiefly saw myself building altars on mountains to the Lord in the mountains .the lord also mentioned where to build but I can’t remember places he mentioned. Then saw lance Debbie and my wife lol, though her face was hidden, Tariq and Elisha who at the time was about 5 because he could walk and talk, he seemed to be very attached to me, because while we walked he would walk with me and asks me questions.. We were all heading somewhere but it was like a mission,though I don’t know to do what and where, so we got inside a huge building and my wife and Elisha went with me one direction, the others went the other, we had to split to do something. Then the lord began to speak in my sleep but I can’t remember, finally woke up…

Major Conflict Between Two Major Parties, to Happen Next Year.. Lives may Be Lost….

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