Africa Revival

Building God's Temple by the Seven Spirit's of God

Africa Revival

21 June 2016

“Revival is coming in the land of Africa; once again the blood of Jesus shall wipe and wash over this land. It shall no longer be called a dark continent, but the light of God shall shine upon it once again, and many who have fallen shall be remembered. For the Lord remembers the blood spilled and the lives of His martyrs and the Lord yet shall raise again once more men and women who shall be valour’s of the Lord and they shall form a great army of the Lord. They shall march forward with power and courage as never seen before. For the Spirit of God is upon them and ye He has given them His sword and that sword is in their mouth, and as they go forth, they shall go forth with power. The glory of the Lord shall rest upon them; the breath of His presence shall cause them to sweep over the nations of the world, for these are the winds of the Lord. For they shall blow from the East and the West, the South and the North, and they shall go forth in power and in glory. For I see them carrying forth the scrolls and the books of the Lord teaching many, and ye many shall know the Lord and many shall come to the knowledge of the truth. And many shall rise up and the Lord shall bring them forth into the spiritual world, where the fellowship and the communion of the saints is. For these are the ones that the Lord says I have chosen for My glory, I have sealed and marked for my destiny. For yes the time is but short, and I am doing a quick work. I am doing a mighty work in the land of Africa and I say to South Africa, South Africa O ye land, it is now time to get back and repent, for the God thy God is coming and the great day of the Lord shall be terrible. It shall come with winds and thunders and lightning’s His power shall be demonstrated throughout and all them that dwell in darkness shall be made manifest for all to see. And they shall walk naked and ashamed because of their nakedness. For Ye says the Lord, I shall remove from them the garments washed in my blood. For they have not harkened to my Word and been obedient to what I have asked them. Many are falling away says the Lord, and many have went their own ways, these have not harkened unto My saints. For they have left my Word and left My ways and went after the desires of their flesh. But know says the Spirit, there are those few, the remnant I call and these ones I have endowed with power and anointing and glory, and My sword is with them. They shall cut down every mountain, every authority that is not of Me says the Lord, and I am rising, I am rising and the wind is blowing in Africa once again!”

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