Shakings in SA

Shakings in SA

19 June 2019

For they that have lifted themselves up and become proud because of the positions of power and influence that I’ve given to them, they that have dealt deceitfully and corruptly and violently. I the Lord have watched, behold I the Lord have looked upon them, and I do not marvel for they are like dry leafs about to be shaken, and behold I shake the leafs of the tree they shall not stand, mark my words says the Lord, they shall not stand but yeah from their branches new leafs are about to bear forth green leafs and leafs that will begin to do my work, leafs that will began to heal by my Wisdom the nation and the injustice of the previous leadership and government.

For ye says the Lord I delight in righteousness and this nation has not shown itself righteous and righteousness has not been lifted up in this nation. For I have said it even in my word when a Righteousness uler rules the nation, righteousness endures but he that rule deceitfully causes groaning’s In the nation and I have heard the groaning’s in the soul of this nation, a groaning for change, a groaning for transformation and yes I am cleansing says the Lord.

And I have heard and now I send my word, my word of judgment that will began to shake and up root even though trees that have thought themselves strongly planted. they shall be amazed when I uproot them with the power of my hand and they shall not stand for I shall cast them of, for they do not bear my fruits says the lord, they could not bear fruits says the Lord because of the selfish ambitions and the deceits in their hearts.

Ye says the Spirit when you shall see wars, when you shall hear about conflicts in certain parts of the cities and the provinces of this nation be not alarmed for I am shaking says the spirit of the Lord, and every foundation that have not been established by me shall be removed, new foundations will spread out says the spirit of God ,I have given them several times to repent but they did not and watch in the blink of an eye I shall remove them and take them out of this earth says the Spirit of God for they have not listened, they have not bear my voice.

There will be several buildings that’s will be burned, land marks of this nation, they will be several statues in this nation that will fall my hand is involved in this. Satan have incited anger and frustration within this nation and many sprouts of thorns and thistles are coming out, are coming out even in green land and pastures, and they will began to take life out of those plantations because they have been planted wrongly and deceitful (typology) .

My people those whom I’ve called by my name hear my voice and seek my face and I will heal your land, there is too much blood in this land and the blood of those gone by have been crying out. Crying out for vengeance. And I have heard. But pray that the Blood of my Son that Cries mercy will Save this Nation.

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