Fallen Angels sent to SA

Building God's Temple by the Seven Spirit's of God

Fallen Angels sent to SA

6 September 2015

While praying to close the service Sunday, I began to see in the Spirit Syria and fallen angels assigned and they were like awaiting the birth of the Anti-Christ. The war currently in Syria is a result of these fallen angels stationed there. They’ve been energising something’s waiting for the birth of the antichrist, but the Lord has had mercy on some, by assigning His angels to help migrate the citizens, this the Lord revealed is the genesis of the exodus. Again I saw Fallen angels sent to South Africa to stir and cause civil unrest and conflict within the nation. And the Lord said its because the church has not be vigilant and watching over the nation in prayer. And these will affect them if they do not continue praying against this. There’s a pandemic disease that will be released worse and devastating than Ebola and aids. We must continue in prayer for the aversion of this deadly disease. It will affect the whole global community. Health issues will increase…

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