The Scroll

The Scroll

25 March 2016

[These series of Prophecies came as a result of a Strong Presence of the Prophets anointing t and Spirit of Prophecy in the meeting. The Lords Angel came and opened a scroll from a book in heaven. And I Read and I was shown… in them are revelations of the future of the church, nations, and insight into what the Lord is doing, but Like all prophecy. It is subjected to Judgement through the Word and time. May Christ Be exalted… ]

“My People get Ready wealth, get ready for Wealth my People, says the Lord. Get ready for Unusual Prosperity. For as the Rain cometh down upon the earth and waters it and yes bringing forth fruits. Yea the Lord says I have caused my rain to fall, I have caused my rain to come upon the earth. And yea the grounds that have been thirsting, the grounds that have been waiting and have sown seeds. These are the ones that will begin to burst forth. And yes prosperity shall be yours and you shall be called prosperity, your names shall be prosperity. Says the Lord, for my cities shall spread around with Prosperity says the Lord. And the Lord delights, yes he continually delights in the Prosperity of His Servants. And this is the time says the Lord, get ready for prosperity, hahahahahahahahahaha.. Yea the Lord Get ready all your store houses, yea prepare, for money will flow to you. Listen, yea it is all happening in this hour and this time. There is about to be abundance of wealth and wellness in the Body of Christ never experienced by previous Generations. Yes, I told you this past Sunday that the transition is beginning, says the Lord. It is now flowing, the Wealth Is now flowing. Prepare, Prepare, Prepare.

“When I brought Food to my servant by the mouth of Ravens, he inquired not how Lord. Now behold just as I brought food by the mouth of Birds and called forth quails by my wind. I shall call forth prosperity by that same wind and my people shall grow in Prosperity and my people shall grow in wealth and my people shall grow in riches. For yea, my people shall be well, my people shall go in abundance, in health, in Blessing – Restored. My people shall build Nations, my people shall build cities. My people shall traverse and trample scorpions. Yea my people shall be more powerful than governments and the nations of this world. For my people are my own and I the Lord am raising them up. No longer shall they be under be under the hills of earth rulers. They that have laughed and plotted against the church. Will be confounded. For I laugh at then, their plans and strategies are void. Even as I have said In my word that he that sits in the Heavens laughs, hahahahahahahahahaha, so I shall laugh and yea you shall also laugh. Then your mouth shall be filled with laughter and singing when you shall see what the Lord shall do. And yea when you see it shall be like a dream says the Lord, it shall be real. Prepare says the Lord and be faithful. Walk before my face perfect and humble. Yes it is coming it is coming it is coming. I speak as a prophet of God that just like Elijah saw and said, ‘I hear the sound of the abundance of rain’, and even so I hear the sound of the abundance of rain and the release of the abundance of wealth and prosperity upon the people of God. Upon the Church of Christ. Many shall be thrive in business, business that will shake the nations, many says the Lord shall thrive in various economic sectors, I am now giving my people the opportunity at this moment says the Spirit, to be in positions, strategic position of authority and influence. And yes you will see says the Lord. I begin to dethrone those have not been faithful in office that I have set them. I shall place those whom my favor has settled upon, whom my

hand shall also rest upon. And yet even these young ones says the Lord I will begin to raise and they shall be tree and oaks of Righteousness, planted by the Lord, thus the glory of the Lord shall be seen upon and through them.

“My glory now rests upon my people and behold the Glorious church arises, my people without spot or blemish. Perfect before me. My perfect bride rises. Yes many shall be turned unto me says the Spirit of God. And cause they that say they are Christians and not bow before my perfect church. For they will
see the glory of God upon thee and wonder in amazement saying who are these and shall turn and say surely I have seen the Lord through them. This is what they shall see says the Spirit. Now behold they that will not believe and walk on in unbelieve, they who will walk not believing in my word, they will see this move says the Lord but not be a part of it, some Wil die because of unbelieve, some left out because of unbelieve, but my church is rising as an army. My church is rising with Power and Glory and The
name of Jesus Wil be exalted. His name will be known. Some will go forth says the spirit. And as they walk the glory of God will so manifest that even sinners will begin shaking in conviction. For yes says the Spirit. It’s my time to move. For the Heavens have been waiting, the Angels preparing for this move and release at this time. Now there shall be a move of the Spirit never witnessed before. A move of the Spirit never seen. Where you will hear of sinners even in their homes, without being preached too, kneeling before me and surrendering in worship, for the rain is falling. And as I have said that in the last days I
will pour out my spirit, and your sons and daughters will prophecy your young men see visions and old man dream dreams. It is time for open vision and Dreams says the Lord. And there will be many who will walk in and with the Spirit and prophecy, yes I will give experiences in the Spirit, even now says the spirit. Eyes and ears and mouths and hands and legs I will anoint says the Lord. And you will see manifestation of creative miracles, in churches, small churches like these, many miracles of this sort shall take place. For I shall send the blind, the lame, the deaf unto thee. And yes when they walk out from the services and meetings they shall all walk out well and free. The Spirit is also saying. Hear ye the Lord, I am beginning to mend and restore relationship. Between husband and wife, between mother and children’s, relationship between father and son. For the Spirit of Elijah is released and it shall turn back the hearts

of the Father to the children and heart of the children to the Father. And yea even the heart of husband to the wife. Yes love shall be restored says the Lord.

“For I am moving, I am moving, I am walking in the earth just like I did in days of Galilee. And my spirit is now ready to outpour and move. Yes and yes and yes it shall fall like the rain. I will raise up some of you… Some called into Ministry, some called in different diverse strategic sectors in the world, some called to government, some lawyers, supernaturally says the Lord. Some will become very very very prosperous business owners. For the Anointing of Abraham, the anointing of Joseph will rest upon them. They will handle and administrate wealth it has been released in the Spirit. Now is the time says the Spirit. Noo more delay says the Spirit of Wisdom. I am releasing it and they that have waited and prepared shall enjoy and enter into the joy of the Lord. Says the Spirit.

“Ye are the verge of the greatest move of God in all of History, none has been experienced as you will. The Prophets could not enjoy this, the Apostles only tasted it. I am moving anew in the earth. And the wind of the Spirit blowing from all the corners of the earth and blowing. For now says the Lord is the time of harvest. “

“the Lord says many slumber and many sleep. And are not aware of what I am doing. But I am doing it anyway says the Lord. For I have spoken to some and I’ve given some insight, I’ve given information. Count yourself to hear these things. For many prophets do not see and hear them. For they do not spend time seeking my face. I am moving. For this move is for the preparation of the coming of the Lord. Just like John who prepared the way of the Lord. This move is that. For my time is coming. I am coming soon my people. Be ready and flow with this move of God.

“I will manifest myself to these little ones, they will see me in dreams. They will see me openly while in nursery school and schools. Then they shall say I see Jesus and my power will fill classrooms and my spirit fall. And many speak in tongues and prophecy. Yes I am manifesting my glory to these little ones in a mighty way. And the miracles that shall begin to happen shall confound many, even for yea even newborns shall begin to speak says the Lord, out of the womb they shall being to speak and preach, declaring the wonders of God says the Lord. And many Doctors shall marvel and it shall cause no little in the Medical community and cause a spread of a wave of revival in clinics, hospitals and yes says the Lord it shall be so.

“I am even beginning to give the peoples of this world wisdom, wisdom to bring about technologies for the furtherance of the Gospel. Yes says the Lord, you will begin to see inventions and technologies you’ve never dreamed or thought possible. It is coming and happening for the sake of my people. You will see new discoveries in the medical field. Medical cure for Aids and Many Life threatening diseases are here. And I have anointed and chosen one says the spirit, who is my own servant who will begin to medically cure these diseases. And many shall be medically healed. Just like it was with Malaria decades ago when there was no cure and no longer should there be reason for men to die because of such disease. For this has been the work of an evil scheme says the Lord. Presented forth to destroy humanity but I am against it says the Lord. For I sit in the meeting of the rulers of this world and I hear them listening to them plot their evil against humanity but I will not let it all happen,

“I say Africa, you are rising says the Lord, you are rising. I have remembered thee and out of Africa shall come notable and mighty men and women who is I will raise with my own hand. Men not raised by men but by my spirit. For I remember this great nation and continent. And my light will shine upon Africa once again. After you are rising saith the Spirit.

“And what shall I say about Europe? Says the Lord. Europe shall fall says the Lord. The powers that have been shall be no more. And yes in one day I will wipe you out, even as you hear rumors of wars and terror in European nations. Just know that I am shaking. But before I will begin to move in a mighty way. And there shall be a great revival yet once again. Just like they have experience in the days of my servants John and Charles Wesley, and my power shall be made known once again. Even the throne that sits in England shall know and acknowledge me worshiping that I lone am Lord and King. But after that Great darkness upon Europe, great darkness upon Europe. And yes yes. You will begin to hear of multiplying wars. I see Germany, France and Russia. One will begin to conspire against another and the other with another. But all their plans shall falter. I’m keeping these Powers at bay. For my power my first sweep throughout Europe says the Lord.

“China, China is about to experience a revival, revival of my gospel and power. From China many fivefold shall rise. And yes I see India, you nation that have been deprived and Rejected. You nation that have been despised. I remember you now. And I will cause you to rise and walk, from the east and go to the west, in my power and glory. I shall use you saith the Lord.

“What do I say about America? I have given you time and chance to repent. And you have not repented. Oh land of America if you have hearkened says the Lord. I would have wooed you to myself and thou you have become my nations. But you have rejected my call. But now looking and behold my wrath shall come upon thee in a very severe. For it is you that have deceived the nations and caused them to err. It is you that have caused them to sin and to stray from the path. But no, do not think that you will rise to the power you have formerly enjoyed. For thy time and your hand of power of the Nations will be weakened and no longer shall you be the strongest nation. For you will be set at bay. For I will bring the water from the South and the East and they shall devour thee says the Lord.. America you shall rise no more again.

“What about South Africa, says the Lord? Oh you land which I have loved and so blessed. But the people have erred and not listened to my voice. But now I say, I am beginning to raise young ones, second generation. They are going forth in my power and glory, and these shall testify of the dominion of my Kingdom. And speak of the power thereof. And from this Nation says the Lord a great demonstration of power as never seen would be witnessed. Even says the Spirit. I ha e seen where the false prophet dwells. That he dwells and sojourns even in this Nation. He has been trying to release his dark and evil energy over this land but no my power has been stronger than his. No no no. Think it not he will prevail. For I am raising my Pillars of prayer all over this nations. Gauteng, Limpopo, Western Cape and even Durban. The wind will blow from these regions throughout Africa.

“Do not Forget Zimbabwe, the land oppressed, the land suffering affliction. Hear ye now what the Lord says. I am now removing your president and I bring in a new one says the Lord. Many many are saying it will be a lady, but I reserve my judgement at the moment and listen to the prayers of my people. But hear oh Zimbabwe Zimbabwe. Even though you shall never rise to the place of pride as the jewel of the nations you have formerly held. I will restore unto you a piece and portion of that glory and thou shall rejoice for a short while. When there shall be famine in other nations, I will bless you.

“Ghana, Congo, DRC, Niger, Malawi. I remember you and I will pass through you when I have passed through South Africa. I am moving and working says the Lord…

“I am the Lord and I look at the hearts and I test the hearts of men and give each according to what he deserves, according to your fruits. I have tested the hearts of many Presidents and weighted them on the scale of my justice, even your own president, I have not found him perfect. Now behold I remove him and set another in his place… I am also removing and have removed many other President who have not served me well, says the Lord… There have been attempts on his life. There has been plots and plans says the Lord. But I have stopped them says the Lord showing him Mercy. Continue praying for your President and Nations… The rest I will reserve for those who seek my face… “

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