Political Party Faction

Political Party Faction

14 August 2015

The Nation

There is change taking place, a shaking as it were. It will happen in the economic and political areas of this country. The leading polictal will be split into factions, and one shall rise and shall be favoured by many. And he will persuade with wisdom and they shall favour him for the office of presidency. The tides of power are shifting. Many investors in the private sector will pull away and thus there will an economic plummet. This shall be of the signs that winds of the Spirit and revival are blowing stronger upon this nation. For with the fall of the economy there shall be rise of the Glory of God in the nations. Watch out for this. For it shall surely take place…. There suppose to be civil upheavals and conflicts in the country, as part of the cleansing of this nation. but this will only be dependent on the prayers of the saints. Therefore Watch and Pray. This things I’m revealing are for you to pray. While some are bound to happen but the effects and impacts can be minimised.

The Church of Christ

I am removing everything that offends, everything that is of lawlessness in my church and those who are of the house flesh, who have fought the ways of the spirit. I will chastise that they may learn not to disputes the workings of my Spirit. Holiness unto the Lord shall be the mark of the glorious church. My own are being gathered unto me, but the sons of darkness unto their father. And this is the Apostasy spoken of in my word. I have said beware of the yeast and leaven of the Pharisees. These are the pseudo Christians, that will seek pervert the word of truth, the Gospel of your salvation, that is why I am raising Spirit anointed teachers, that will teach my word line upon line and my Church shall be strengthened. The Spirit of Teaching is being poured upon my church. That the Spirit of wisdom of Revelation.

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