Veil of Darkness

Veil of Darkness

30 June 2017

There is a spirit of slumber attacking the body of Christ. I saw it today in the spirit while praying. (I saw it come as a huge waves of a dark veil). It will rest over churches. Ministers. And believers alike who do not need to the call of prayer.

Then the Spirit said unto me. Woe is the ministry and the minister that is not praying. Woe is the believer that is not praying. For then the Spirit shall enter over them as a veil of darkness and shall sink into a deep slumber.

they shall not know from whence it has happened.

Then the things of the kingdom shall become distasteful unto them. The fellowship of brethren shall be an abhorrence to them. Because they’re prayer lives will die out like a fire put out by the waters.

The remedy is prayers and the light of the word entering in. Without which it shall become dangerous for that ministry and minister. For the flesh and the things of this world shall become his food.

Watch and Pray. And warn the Brethren.

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